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At this point in my short running career it’s tough to tell whether I have run more miles, or more google searches about running.

Chalk it up to my generation. I’ve learned all of at least 90% of my running knowledge from the internet. More specifically from runner’s blogs.

Now’s my chance to give back to the running community. I have the audacious goal of running my first marathon in under 3 hours. I will document every step of this journey right here on my very first blog! I believe the benefit of using this platform is two-fold. I can go back and review my posts to gain insightful feedback about the effectiveness of my training plan. You can read along and live my journey without the pain and irreperable damage to your joints . Hopefully we all get something good out of this! Either way, I will have fun and keep it entertaining.



Let me set the table. My name is Jon Norloff. I’m 28. I’m 6’1″ – 170 lbs. I’m athletic and in good shape (hard work and dedication). I also frequently listen to Ke$ha. I live in colorful Colorado with my beautiful family. If I participated in putting bumper stickers on my car, it would look like this.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.02.26 PM

That’s me with my amazing wife, my two strong willed children (ages 3 and 1), and my fur babies (Australian shepherd and border collie).

Why am I sharing my picture perfect stick figure family with you? This gives you some perspective about the time I have to dedicate to my training, and to let you know that the last time I got good sleep Adele had just released “Rolling in the Deep.” I hope that other runners can relate to this too. Training for a marathon (according to the internet) takes time and major commitment. I plan to show you how I will do this while balancing my family/work/fantasy football manager AND running life.

I wouldn’t be a millennial if I didn’t hit you with some fancy tech. In my posts I plan to include

  1. Entertaining photos
  2. The music I’m listening to when I run
  3. Advanced data from my running apps
  4. Nutritional information from my diet
  5. A mildy sarcastic break down of the general state of my training

Now that you got the picture, the only thing left to do is run and blog (in that order). Let’s #sub3!



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