Redundancy and Acknowledgment 

[quick post]

My posts have been (somewhat) intentionally sparse as of late. I think there is a fine line between talking about injury and watching paint dry. Especially running injuries. We’ve all been there, and I don’t like horse abuse #beatingadeadhorse. 

So here’s a quick rundown of things:

  1. The knee is doing good. I have been doing yoga, icing, rolling, and plenty of hip and glute exercises. 
  2. I’m formulating a new training plan that will hopefully commence in the early part of February. 
  3. The running blogger community (I like to call us roggers) is seriously amazing. 

More on that. I can’t believe the support and amazing advice that I have received from the rogger community. Injury sucks, but it’s made better by the people around you. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success -Henry Ford

Bam! I just hit you with a quote. The end is my favorite part. Working together is success. This is a successful community!

One part of my #sub3 plan that I’ve been sticking to REAL well is my nutrition plan. I’ve become a vegetarian who eats meat when he wants to. What I mean is probably 75% of my meals have no meat now. I’m a recreational carnivore, and I’m crushing fruits and veggies right now!


Homemade castiron skillet pizza with whole grain crust, sweet potato base, and black bean and carmalized onion toppings
I don’t even know who Ronald McDonald is now… #burgerclown

I should have an updated training plan posted soon. I can’t wait to get back, and I’m pretty certain that I’m close. So thank you sooo much roggers, and as always let’s #sub3! 

11 thoughts on “Redundancy and Acknowledgment 

  1. That pizza looks great! I’ve been vegetarian for almost my entire life, but I have been eating vegan for most of my meals. I guess I’m a “recreational dairy eater”. Haha! Good luck as you head into your training for Colfax! I’m excited to have another blogger who is running the race too!

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    1. Me too! The pizza turned out great! I never thought I could be a vegetarian until I started (pseudo) trying it. Not bad! Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your training!


    1. The pizza was great! If it weren’t for the Internet, I would never think to put sweet potato on a pizza. Good luck with your training. At times I feel my goal is over ambitious and crazy, but that’s how amazing happens!


    1. It’s wonderful! Ever since my mom gave me my grandma’s old cast iron skillet (that was her grandma’s), I have cooked everything in it. It’s the closest thing I will ever have to a time machine (when I cook eggs in it, they taste JUST like my grandma’s). The crust turns out nice and crispy! Highly recommend it!

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  2. Hope the knee/IT Band finally starts behaving itself soon. Mine gave me fits before my marathon…but didn’t bother me at all during it. Funny how that works. Afterwards it would flare up if I crossed my legs for too long and over stretched it. Then I got sidelined for 5 weeks with posterior tibialis tendonitis (unrelated issue)…that was a fun. Good news is the IT Band issues are gone. Bottom line – injuries suck, and sometimes complaining about it really does make you feel better. And your real friends will tolerate it. For a little while. Or at least pretend!

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    1. Injuries do suck… They are so much harder than the training, and even (some) of the races themselves. The plus side is that I really have learned a lot from this injury. It’s taught me lessons I would only learn by being #sidelined, and it makes me really appreciate not being injured! Thanks for the advice! (I will now go complain to my wife some more bc she has to listen!)


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