Back to the Drawing Board

Well that escalated quickly…

I tried to do an easy run today to test out my ailing knee. It didn’t go so well. The first half mile was fine but then the sharp unmistakable IT band pain crept in. I’m stubborn (very stubborn), so I continued to run an additional 2.5 miles (I was running with a group, which totally justifies my bad decision). 

Those last 2.5 miles, I had some time to think about how I’m going to restructure my training plan. Here’s my thoughts:

  • First and foremost I need to get my knee right. Shut it down! (new girl reference). 
  • My perfect plan needs a total rebuild. I always preach flexibility, and this is a prime example. I’m barely a week into this plan and I already KNOW that it’s not right for me. #backtothedrawingboard
  • I need more easy/recovery runs in my plan, and a slower weekly buildup of my mileage. 
  • Hopefully I can return to training by February. If not, I may need to plan for another marathon (not in May)
  • Kesha really needs to release a new album (unrelated topic)

I will update soon with all the new deets (this includes updating my training plan page). Until then, #healthandwealth, and as always, let’s #sub3!

10 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. I hope your knee recovers soon. If it acts out, don’t you give up! It’s just another wall for us runners to climb over… or just go right through (like super(wo)man).

    Feel better! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I definitely won’t give up! I feel like it’s on the up and up, but I’m going to be really careful because it was a terrible feeling when that pain came back so quick into my “test” run. Why climb over, when we could run (pun intended) right through those walls!!! #superman #superwoman


    1. I love me some foam roller! I’m icing like a baker nightly and trying to stay off it (that part is really hard). Thanks for the advice! I keep getting really nervous that I will be out for a long time. Only time will tell. I need to get into that yoga thing. I’ve dabbled but never seriously tried it.

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  2. Damn. Just following you know, and it would appear, at a most inauspicious moment. As a freelance graphic designer running a small business called The Drawing Board, though, I heartily endorse your blog post title! Sadly, no bloody use to you as a physio. Hope that knee problem clears up. As others have said here, give it time. Tricky and cunning things are knees. Google Spike Milligan Knees Poem for an unorthodox and totally non-medical account of why we need knees…


    1. Great name for a company! You are absolutely correct, knees are so tricky, and I’m sure my years of basketball aren’t helping… I had never heard of Spike Milligan so thanks for that! Good luck on your half and full Ironman training. I’m excited to follow along!

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  3. Seems like my story too! Keep going back to the beginning so often. From a distance I see that it’s a good thing too… A very strong base. Hope your knee sorts itself quick.


    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to get back to training. Looking at the positive side of this, I see that it has given me a good chance to step back and realize that my current training program is not right for me.

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