Kinda Snow Yasso 800’s

Well that didn’t go as planned… Run with a dog they said. It will be fun they said. Here’s how it went down:

Today was Yasso 800’s day (switched with my long run because of the snow). Here’s what Yasso 800’s are. #ifyadontknow

I ran with my border collie fur baby Riley (say that three times)

She looks excited to run!

To start, we ran 2 miles to warmup. This is where things were going well. Riley was pulling me to run faster (we were going at a 7:30 pace). I thought she was going to be so happy when we move the pace up to 6:00. That’s where things turned.

I start to run faster and all of a sudden my partner is gone. You ever seen somebody pull a dog while running? #meneither. She basically quit on me (completely inexplicably). I decided to just go with it and slow down because:

  1. I didn’t want to be the crazy person pulling a dog.
  2. My right knee is still really sore (or injured) from my long run

Moving at a slower pace I was able to reflect on this moment.

There will be good runs and bad runs, so it was better for me to mentally file this as bad run, and just go with it.

It’s a blessing to have a large trail that is promptly plowed right by my house

We finished out with a mix of run/walking and called it a day. Not the way I wanted my first Yasso’s to go. Next time I will try it sans dog.


I be on my chocolate milk

Do you need more weight for foam rolling? Try a three year old! My daughter Anna loves to stretch/foam roll with me. It’s amazing. Today she whispered to me (it’s her new thing) while we were rolling, “Daddy, this is really fun and I love you.” That’s some great motivation to run more.

To sum it up:

The Good:

  • My dog got some exercise
  • Learning to accept a bad run and roll with it
  • An EXCELLENT stretching session with my daughter

The Bad:

  • No yasso’s
  • See if my knee gets better in the next few day (sore or injured)

Maybe next time Yasso’s, but as always, let’s #sub3!


One thought on “Kinda Snow Yasso 800’s

  1. Great article…gave me a lot of smiles – I can only imagine foam rolling with the little one on top while the puppy is petting you!! Nice summary…sub-3 is not even in my dialog but I’m looking forward to reading your posts and following your journey…Cheers!


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