My Motor Outran My Chassi

Orange barrel reroute! I’m not even three days into my training, and I already switched my schedule. You gotta be flexible. Seeing that the weather report was calling for snow on Thursday and Friday, I changed my long run to Wednesday when the weather was still Colorado nice (30’s and 40’s). My long run calls for one hour and 30 minutes of easy running (9:00/mile pace), finishing with one mile at my marathon pace (6:40/mile).

This run was the biggest reason why I chose this training plan. The idea is pretty simple:

Run until I can barely stand, and I’m questioning every life choice I’ve ever made, and then finish strong with (what feels like) a reckless marathon pace.

It’s supposed to help me finish my races strong, and learn how to maintain my pace even when I’m completely depleted. I would say it worked.

Holy cats! That was 11 miles of total running. Here’s my breakdown.

  • Miles 1-3: I always start too fast. I was feeling good, and it took a lot of effort for me to try and slow down to the target 9 minute pace.
  • Miles 4-7: I’ve settled comfortably into the my pace and I’ve reached a place I like to call running nirvana. At this point the running is easy and my mind is free to wonder. This is where I can think about boring grown up things (should I file my own taxes this year?) or more whimsical thoughts (I wonder when Kesha will release a new album)
  • Miles 5-8: Now things are starting to turn. It began with my feet. My toes started to feel real hot like I was getting blisters. Then some pain on the outside of my knees. To top it off, I’m constantly checking my watch to see where I’m at with my erratic pace.
  • Miles 9-10: Now I’m on my R Kelly (grinding). I’m working to keep my 9 minute pace, and wondering how I’m going to speed up to a 6:40 pace. I can feel that my motor has outrun my chassi. My body wasn’t ready for this many miles. I start waging war in my head about whether I should finish the run with my fast pace. I’m thinking about if it will injure me. I making a lot of excuses.
  • Mile 11: I decide to give it everything I have. I start running fast, and all I can think about is how reckless this new pace feels. I moved from a school zone to a highway. Somewhere in the chaos I stop thinking and just push. I’m breathing heavily and making all kinds of weird noises. I look like a crazy person, but I’m determined. Boom! My watch vibrates and tells me that I hit a mile with a 6:36 pace #hardworkanddedication.




Do you know where your frozen butternut squash is?

Running and foam rolling go together like Kesha and glitter.

I follow up my long runs with gratuitous amounts of stretching and foam rolling. I also had a nice tall glass of chocolate milk (brought to you by the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team). Even though I outran my body and my knees are very sore (I could barely walk the morning after), it was worth it. I showed myself that I can push through pain and adversity to reach my goals. So keep on your R Kelly, and as always let’s #sub3!

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