Day 1

Day 1. Lots to talk about. Lets get started.


New year, new fuel (brought to you by Pinterest). That’s plain Greek yogurt with apples, bananas, raisins, raspberries and blueberry almond granola, topped with a little honey and cinnamon.

Nothing better than starting your day in a mason jar. This new breakfast is replacing my typical Chobani yogurt cup with a granola bar. I found this new treat to be both delicious and satisfying (Martha Stewart smile). I plan to continue making, and eating these bad boys for breakfast. See photo below which is not staged at all #fingerscrossed.

Da Run – Tempo Run – 3 miles at 6:40/mile marathon pace

Here’s what I learned:

  • I can’t wear the new wireless headphones my brother got me for Christmas. They don’t stay in my ears, and after messing with them constantly for the first half mile, I had to take them off and run without music (something I never like to do). Le sigh. Below is the inspirational musical track of the run.


  • Marathon pace is not my friend yet. If marathon pace was a girl at a bar (people don’t actually meet that way anymore), I would be on strike three in the pickup game. All the running blogs I read tell me that marathon pace will become an old friend, and I will naturally just “fall” into that speed. It’s a good thing the internet never lies. I am confident that I will find comfort with my new marathon pace, but not at this point in my training.
  • Running in January is unfortunate. I don’t mean to get too crotchety about another runner’s lofty unreachable new year’s resolutions, buuuuuut can they run somewhere else? I enjoy the serenity and relative (to downtown Denver) solitude of being one of the dedicated few on the trail. #Imbeingwhiny #Imbeinghonest #fineline.
  • I’m a little worried about my speed. At this point, I feel like my endurance is right, but my speed is slow. I don’t feel fast. #fastdontlie
  • I got a long way to go.


Outside of my building

Overall I was happy with day 1 of my training. I have a long way to go, but I feel good at this point. So as always, lets #sub3!

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