A Character Run


Yep that’s right. 18 degrees at run time. Today was (to borrow the term I read in Runner’s World magazine) a character run. True grit. It’s very likely that it will be this cold (or colder) on many of my training days. I better get used to this.

This was an important run for me. I had made a million excuses why I didn’t need to do it: My training starts soon. I’m still sore. It’s freezing ass cold. Kesha hasn’t released a new album… The list goes on.

Then I realized that these things start small. Miss a run here. Skip a day there. Eat a pound a deep fried chicken wings and fries on Saturday (that one actually happened). The toughest part of my training will be my dedication to the plan that I have created for myself.

So this run set the tone, aaaaand in the end, I remembered that running in the cold is not that bad. I started out in shorts and sweatshirt, and midway through, I was regretting the sweatshirt. Once you get moving its all gravy.


Did I mention that my shoe game is tight!? #greenongreen


Plus I had my new toy! I got a Garmin forerunner 235 for Christmas and this was my first run using it. It was (to borrow a 90’s term) dope! So easy to use and very helpful with my pace. I ran an even 6:50 mile (x3).

All in all, great character run, and the timing couldn’t have been any better with my training officially starting in 4 days. So as always, keep warm, and let’s #sub3!


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