The Story So Far

I’ll be honest with you, (that’s always the best policy) at times I feel like a professional runner… and then I remember that I haven’t even been running consistently for more than year. I go through phases, and I kind of have a reputation for it (just ask my wife). When I’m interested in something it consumes me, and I dedicate myself to it. When I reach a barrier, I can be tempted to stop my “phase” and never pick it up again.

Will running be another phase in my life? The obvious answer right now is that I don’t know. I’ve resolved myself to not worry think about that. One thing I learned quickly after my first half marathon was that I need to have goals.


After sticking to my month-long training plan and shattering my expectations for the half, I began to see the signs of anotherjonphaseia (it’s the technical term). I continued running after the half, but it was without purpose and passion. I needed a new goal.

Which is why I’m writing this blog post at 11:46pm on a school night. My new goal is to run my first ever marathon in under 3 hours (#sub3). This goal is ambitious, (maybe a little crazy) and perfect for me. MY SPIRITS HAVE BEEN RENEWED!

How will I achieve this goal? In the following posts I will detail the finer points of my master plan, but here is the run down.

  1. Implement a 5 month training program that I have scoured the internet to perfect.
  2. Sever all ties with Ronald McDonald (#RIPBigMac), and get my nutrition right. My new diet will be comprised of 50% common sense, 50% internet opinions, and 10% water.
  3. Rearrange my schedule to allow for the new time commitments. Managing my time will be key (with my beautiful young family).
  4. Focus heavily on post workout rituals to keep the wheels of this rock solid plan turning smoothly #theyseemefoamrollin
  5. Have fun and do my best.

Just as I mentioned in the beginning, I am a rookie and I can’t lose sight of the big picture. I want nothing more than to reach my goal and give this blog a Disney movie ending (triumphant music plays in the background), but I can’t forget to have fun. Having fun makes those phase ending barriers seem smaller, and keeps me running my best.

So lets keep it loose, and as always, lets #sub3!



4 thoughts on “The Story So Far

    1. I’m signed up for the Denver Colfax marathon in May. I looked at some others around Colorado, but eventually landed on this because it is close and familiar. My half time was 1:32:36.


  1. wow. your goal time is so incredibly fast! 😳 i also want to run a marathon this year (probably autumn time) but my goal is literally “to finish. alive.” ha ha! then i’ll work on improving my pace, but even then, don’t think i’ll ever be incredibly fast. just read through your blog from most recent to oldest, looking forward to reading the rest of your progress (in the correct order!) as you pursue your goal of #sub3. bonne chance! 👍🏻


    1. Thanks. My goal stems from a couple things. The first is from my first half marathon time. When I surprised myself and ran a fast time, it gave me the desire to want more. Second, my brother lives in Boston, and I really want a good excuse to see him and run THE premier Boston Marathon. I believe a #sub3 time puts me in good shape to qualify for that. Lastly, I’m just crazy (I’ve come to terms with it).

      I applaud you for setting a marathon goal this year. Training with kids (you have one more than me) is not easy at all #thestruggleisreal. I look forward to following your journey!


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